We make professional software development a more
productive and enjoyable experience.
We believe in continual learning and discovery

Software development

We have rich experience developing wide range of software, ranging from standalone desktop, mobile and web applications, plug-ins for third party media editing software to distributed server systems. The toolset used in our work includes a vast set of programming languages - from C/C++, Java, Python and PHP to JavaScript, working on all major platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux. We like to say, that nothing is impossible or out of scope for us in the software development.

Media workflow solutions

Our company core expertise revolves around media workflow solutions - either in the form of making critical plug-ins for renowned third party systems (like SONY, Adobe and other's software) or developing whole Media Asset Management systems from scratch or consulting, modifying and supporting existing ones. We have a history in making the different worlds in media field to talk to each other successfully.

Engineering services

Aside of pure software development, we have strong expertise in dealing with different engineering environments, from state of art hardware servers and workstations, to distributed cloud systems. As result, we can provide our clients with advice and support for a huge range of deployment scenarios, and for our employees - the challenge to work with interesting new environments.

Quality assurance

Ensuring the product quality is an important aspect of both software and system building and integral part of our work. Because of this, we have access to QA lab with varied hardware equipment and an experienced QA team, ready to test both our products and these of our clients.